Saturday, May 26, 2007

Where's your nose?

Where's your tongue?

Sorry for all the high-chair pictures, but it's the only place she'll sit still :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What are we up to?

*trying out new words with her new-found hearing abilities now that the tubes are in
*playing in the sand
*tackling the cats (well, most tackling Gabby because Lacie knows better)
*practicing animal noises and gestures
*feeding herself cereal in the morning with a spoon!
*dumping water over her head in the bathtub and cracking up about it
*working on saying/signing "thank you" now that she's got "please" down

*working hard to find quiet time to pray, be still, etc.
*enjoying my family
*reading "The Audacity of Hope" by Barack Obama, slowly but surely
*watching episodes of "The Office" on DVD
*mourning "Grey's Anatomy" and "The Unit" being over for the season
*trying to find motivation to start running again...(where is that motivation?)

*looking forward to school being over in 3-4 weeks
*looking forward to sand volleyball starting next week
*trying to get set up to take classes at Eastern this summer
*working hard to find quiet time to pray, be still, etc.
*watching episodes of "The Office" on DVD
*mourning "Grey's Anatomy" and "The Unit" being over for the season
*enjoying family

Monday, May 21, 2007

Learning to use a spoon

We can't keep enough hummus in the house--Caitlin loves it! She is starting to try to use utensils. We've had success with a fork with bananas and lima beans and spoon success as pictured below with the hummus--as you can see, it calls for an immediate bath....

This is just a cute outfit from Amy, Phil and Jack that we wanted to share:

Saturday, May 19, 2007 to follow..

The surgery went OK--Caitlin was a rockstar! She had nasty ear infections according to her surgeon, so it reassured us that we were doing the right thing. Miraculously, John and I both slept through the night easily the night before the surgery, which was such a blessing. Thanks for praying.
OK, I'm off to load up some pictures to post (more to come within 24 hours)...

Monday, May 14, 2007

It's a "procedure"...

...not a surgery! well, at least it makes me feel better to think of it that way.
Caitlin is having ear tubes placed on Wednesday--John and I are both taking her in bright and early for this thing--it's supposed to be less than 10 minutes for the actual procedure. I'm pretty nervous--Caitlin's actually pretty relaxed about the whole thing though, surprisingly.

Seriously though, I wish we didn't have to do it, but she's been on antibiotics nearly continuously since September and constantly has fluid in her ears which is just ready and waiting for the next infection by the time we get one cleared--in theory, the tubes will help ventilate her middle ears so the fluid won't just "cook" there all the time--PLUS, if she does get an infection after this, we should be able to use ear drops rather than having to give systemic antibiotics--this is very good! we are sick of antibiotics and the fights and diaper rashes that go with them! So, here's hoping it works. There's also a chance that she'll get her adenoids taken out since she may have chronic sinus infections--the surgeon will look at them on Wednesday when she is "out" and decide at that time--I'm OK either way, I just want it to be over!!!! It's been scheduled and cancelled (by us) once before, so we are ready for the saga to be done! Please pray it works!!! We will update on Wednesday.

My Mothers Day was nice--Caitlin got me a nice plant for the foyer and scribbled a card in crayon and also made me a card at daycare. John made me French Toast yesterday and let me sleep in (till 7! haha, it's all relative now!)--other than that, we relaxed, called all our moms and grandmoms and had a nice day.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

First blog entry EVER!

I think my previous attempts at simply emailing pictures of Caitlin is outdated--today, I decided to try blogging. I suppose this will be our family blog, so as not to exclude John and me..or any future children...So, here I go.

Sunday, we went to the ZOO--we met Grandma Pam there and had beautiful weather and saw tons of animals. Caitlin waved to all the animals and said "HI" in her sweet voice. She loves to waddle like a penguin and showed off her waddling skills in the penguinarium.

The pictures turned out a little smaller than I expected...oh well, I don't know quite how to change them.