Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, Big Girl

Caitlin is two today. My oh my, where did the time go? She is definatley enjoying the attention of a birthday this time. This morning when we walked downstairs together, she saw cupcakes on our kitchen island (in aa tupperware, i might add) and squealed My birthday cake!!!! We took these in to daycare today to celebrate. She is always making us laugh. If you ask how old she is, she will say, without fail two years old--not just two, but two years old and she gets very serious to say so. Lately she's been loving to diaper all her stuffed animals...she's started pretending a lot too recently, which is fun--if she asks for milk and it's not quite time for milk, we can pour her pretend milk in a pretend cup and she is thrilled. it's great. Thanks to Auntie Rebecca for making the lovely birthday cake we had to post above. Thanks to everyone who helped us through these two years--we have lots of loving friends and family who we couldn't do without and we are so grateful. Happy Birthday, Caitlin!!!