Thursday, January 29, 2009

not ice cream, not whipped cream, not frosting.....

It's actually sour cream.....this is the kid that won't eat grilled cheese, by the way.

update on the babes

So, I'm nearly 25 weeks along with these twins--I feel every bit of it and then some.  They are VERY busy in there, much more than Caitlin was (even if you just count one of them)--I'm feeling nearly constant movement--they must just sleep when I sleep because I'm sleeping well at this point, so they must simmer down at night.  At my last appointment at 24 weeks along, both babies were measuring right on target and doing well.  Unfortunately, I had some slight bleeding last week and we found out that one of the placentas is slightly torn and there's some blood around it--nothing to be done and hopefully it'll resolve on it's own--I go in for another ultrasound tomorrow to check on that.  I'm hopeful that it's resolved since babies are still very active and the bleeding has stopped as far as I can tell.  Prayers are appreciated!

22 weeks along (1-11-09)...
23 weeks along (1-17-09)...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas LOOT

Lacie getting in the Christmas spirit (or really desperate for some loving..not sure which) and cozying up to Caitlin for the first time ever.

Plan was for nana and grandpa to come over to open gifts, but Caitlin could not wait, so she got to pick ONE gift to open first, and she picked this gorgeous tutu, which she immediately put on and wore for the rest of the day. (sorry we did not get pictures of all the gifts)

Caitlin got this apron and spatula and put it on over her tutu--she looked like a kitchen fairy.
Breakfast with nana and grandpa

New pizza making kit
And, the finale was a new kitchen that daddy put together on Christmas Eve (THANK YOU, JOHN!), so as Caitlin came down the stairs, I was all set with the camera and captured the most gleeful picture as she first laid eyes on her new kitchen.  it was really great to see her so excited.
And she proceeded to play for about 3 hours with it, pretty much non-stop--we had to peel her off of it at nap time (which never actually happened...the nap, i mean)

Thanks to our wonderful friends and family for being so generous with Caitlin's gifts, as usual.  We tried our hardest to play up the Jesus's birthday-part of Christmas, and she got that, to some extent, but I think when you are two-going-on-three, it's really about the gifts.  

Christmas Party

Aunt Patty, Uncle Jim, Aunt Julie, Grandma Kay, Grandpa Dan, nana and Grandpa Wayne came over to celebrate Christmas!

...also Caitlin starting to learn to skip....

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Caitlin: Mama, next time you buy something, get pink.

Last week, in the car:
Caitlin: Mommy, do you like volcanoes?
Me: I guess, why?
Caitlin: They have snot.
Me: what?
Caitlin: they have really (eyes get big) dangerous snot coming out of them.


Well, as of 1-4-09 (tomorrow), I'll be 21 weeks pregnant.  I went to the doctor this past week to review the results of the ultrasound I had at 19 weeks--at that time, both babies were big, measuring 20 weeks each....which we are very happy about.  So at 20 weeks, earlier this week, I was measuring the size of a 27 week belly (if it were a singleton).  I'm starting to get uncomfortable, but also starting to get excited.   I need an updated belly picture.....

here I was at 17.5 weeks a few weeks ago...

Here I was at 16.5 weeks...

Putting up the tree

Our first year with a Christmas Tree!!!