Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I had some time (since I'm procrastinating--should be studying!) tonight and thought I'd post some older pictures...sorry they're in no obvious order

January 2007----a short lived trip outside in new snowsuit

January 2007--just starting to stand on her own....
early August 2006--starting to sit up on her own
March 2007--enjoying the snow in her sled
Summer of 2006-visit with Great-grandma Joanie and Great-grandpa Buddy (Caitlin 6 months)


Just starting to walk (Feb 2007)
First ponytail (March 2007)--red cheeks from ear infection and antibiotics
Feb 2007--sleeping with butt in the air
Feb 2007--allergic reaction to her antibiotics--this was NOT fun

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

our little daredevil

To say that Caitlin had a ball on the beach at Elberta would be the understatement of the year. she is such a daredevil now, that it is scary to be near the water with her--she will just run straight into the lake without hesitating.

new pictures

we got to babysit jack--caitlin liked having him around even if it was just for a short while.

frankfort beach this weekend--we went up north with some friends--thankful to my mom and dad who let us stay at their wonderful place--the weather was freakishly HOT (>90) an we did not pack appropriately...
Our dear friends, who have a little girl about 2 months older than Caitlin joined us--I'll post a few pictures of the girls having fun together.
throwing water over themselves in the bath

OK--these are going to be out of order, but I'll post the beach pictures on a new post above....

Random Pictures from September

playing daddy's harmonica
looking bored with her veggies :)
pushing her lion around on the train--she always says "sit down lion...ready?" then pushes him around the kitchen

putting a bib on lion (It is actually a coin purse, but caitlin liked it better as a lion's bib

the masterpiece....
playing mommy to her elephant and her lion--she has recently gotten very into mothering her stuffed animals--she will put them in her highchair, pretend to feed them, offer them her sippy cup, set them up at the little table (pictured) with crayons, give them timeouts, etc.