Friday, October 26, 2012

Big kid teeth

Caitlin's adult right lower middle tooth (enough adjectives for you?) was fully in and knocking her baby teeth out of the way for a few weeks (months even maybe).  She was the only kid in the whole world that was 6.5 and hasn't lost a tooth (according to her own personal poll and analysis)--she's been watching her friends lose teeth for the past 2 years. However, that adult tooth made her feel like "a big kid," she confessed to me, not too long ago.  But, oh, the agony of waiting to lose your first tooth.    Especially since the dental hygienist labelled that baby tooth "loose" 18 months ago.

She was wiggling that baby tooth forever, it seemed like.  Most days we got "hey mom/dad, want to see how wiggly my tooth is?"  Finally, I was starting to get worried about the way the new teeth were growing in out of place since the baby teeth were still there.  On Oct 9th, we were driving to school and I decided that we'd better get an opinion from the dentist.  I told her we'd be calling the dentist in one week if that baby tooth were still there. I encouraged her to play with that tooth with her tongue whenever she could.

She came home and after dinner that day and showed us that her tooth was barely hanging on since she'd been playing with it all day.  I took a look and knew it was a matter of seconds--It was doing the 360 degree twist.  "Go yank that thing out...just take a tissue and do it," I said--not thinking she actually would.  She looked at me intently for a moment, turned around, walked to the bathroom, grabbed a tissue and yanked that tooth right out.  Brave.  I'm pretty sure I was never that brave.

So, first baby tooth lost, Oct 9, 2012 (right, bottom, for baby book purposes).  Five dollars from the tooth fairy (I thought we weren't doing the tooth fairy, but Caitlin thinks we are--so, I guess we are?) Then the second tooth was lost on the 20th--(surprise! adult tooth already half-way up behind that one too!)--both middle lower teeth gone--Caitlin now $8 richer.  She was way more impressed with the three $1 bills than the one $5 bill.  And not even a gap-y smile yet.  She's got at least 2 more loosey gooseys waiting that will go soon.  

ah, the milestones keep going by...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Real Cut

Back last December, John cut Ryan's hair for his first hair cut.  Since then, that's how we've maintained.  But, last week, with family pictures coming up and his hair getting noticeably straggly, we thought he earned himself a real hair cut.  That turned out to be daddy's territory, so off the boys went (with Caitlin) yesterday to get the hairs cut for real.  As they were piling into the car, I waved the camera to John with a wide smile.  I really could barely stand to miss it, but the way our schedules worked out yesterday, we just could not all go together.  John came back with a tiny eyeroll and might have muttered "the things i do for love," under his breath sort of while he grabbed the camera out of my hands.  Thanks, babe.  Here's my little dude getting his first hair cut.  He did great.

 He told me all about his cape when he got home. And he looks darling.

Corn maze


I had a conference to attend in TC this weekend, so I brought the kids along to visit with grandparents and cousins.  They went to a corn maze on Saturday while I was at a conference and I met up with them after for some caramel apples (or just caramel, if you're Nora)