Monday, April 30, 2012

If at first, you don't succeed

One of my favorite things about Caitlin right now is the constant stream of notes that she is writing.   They are usually to her friends at school, but every once in a while I get one--sometimes I get a really good one.

 And, she is nothing if not persistent, so she is finding creative ways to push back when she doesn't hear what she wants.  Recently, John and I noticed that the girls were both eating some dinner and then stopping short and a bit later asking for bananas, yogurt, cheese after dinner.  We were down with it for a few nights until we started thinking that dinner is at 6pm and they go to bed by 7pm ish, so really, an after-dinner snack isn't really a thing, just yet.  So, the rule is, eat your dinner until you're full, then you are done.  Caitlin isn't taking this rule lying down.  So, tonight, she picked at her dinner, then left the table despite a reminder that if she left, she was done for the night--"i know," she told me.  She promptly went upstairs for about 10 minutes, came down and presented me with this.  She said nothing and didn't look at me,  she just handed it to me.

Dear Mom,  I felled full wen I left the tabole but noow I fell hungruree.
Top Header "I LOVE YOU!" with two yellow hearts labelled "hunguree"
 John and I both tried to keep our chuckles to ourselves.  I don't think I ever actually answered this (it wasn't really a question though), but I really appreciate her effort.

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Best Part About Having Twins

Having twins is friggin hard. Seriously.  I knew it was going to be hard--was petrified about the idea when I found out at 7 weeks of pregnancy, and I was right.  But it is also quite awesome, and I knew it would be that too--but I didn't realize how awesome.  But, you never really know how awesome kids are till you actually have them. Nora and Ryan are such individuals and watching them become themselves has been such a cool thing.  That's really the case with any baby, isn't it? But with twins it is cool to see how they are still uniquely themselves despite having been in the same exact setting as another individual and are still so different from that individual.  Just the contrast is impressive--these two are like night and day.  Ryan is a complete extrovert--needs other people like he needs oxygen.  Nora is seriously introverted--she happily tolerates other people, but really is happiest doing her own thing by herself.  Ryan is a people-pleaser and loves to be applauded--he potty trained pretty easily because he loves positive feedback.  Nora is concerned with what she decides to concern herself with and that is all--she will not be potty trained--she will do it when she feels like it (though she is perfectly capable).  Ryan follows directions most of the time.  Nora pretends not to pay attention to the world around her.  Ryan is the pickiest eater ever.  Nora will eat anything--anything...and lots of it.  Last week she ate 5 pieces (adult sized) of feta and yellow pepper ring pizza, 3 servings of roasted brussel sprouts and a banana for dinner, one night.  Together, though, they still manage to have a blast.

The best part about having twins, to me, has been watching them become little BFFs.  They absolutely LOVE each other.  Despite their strong individuality, they still need each other.  They ask for each other immediately after nap. They talk and laugh and play together all day.  They imagine that they are Dora and Diego and go on all kinds of crazy pretend adventures.  They encourage each other (for better or worse).  They laugh.  They stay up for 3 hours after I put them to bed singing and laughing together.  They understand each other even when we can't. Don't get me wrong, they also drive each other crazy and kick/hit/bite each other, just like any other set of siblings.  But, all they've known is to be with the other.  I'm so thankful they have each other and pray they continue to bless one another with so much love and support as they grow.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easter Weekend

Caitlin and Soren watching a movie
 Cousins Soren and Ethan Came over Easter weekend for a visit.  All week preceding this, my kids were talking about it and couldn't wait.  They weren't disappointed and had a blast together.

Friday was dinner and movie night, The Sound of Music.
Saturday was Easter Egg hunt at church, Egg decorating, the out to dinner.
Sunday was church and Easter baskets--then a quick celebration of Uncle Scott's 29th Birthday before saying good-byes. Whew! But very fun.

Ryan was not disappointed by our candy-free Easter Egg hunt
Caitlin wanted to ride a pony (probably b/c her toddler siblings did) but you could not tell by the look on her face--she did this the whole time. I doubt she will be doing many more pony rides.

Down the bounce house slide with daddy

Nora spied her Easter Basket!

Candy-free Easter baskets (on Ryan's behalf)
Happy Birthday, Scott!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

3ish year stats

2 years ---> 3 years
25 pounds 8 ounces (10th %ile) ---> 30 pounds, 4 ounces (40th %ile)
33 inches tall (10th %ile) ---> 38.5 inches tall (50th %ile)

2 years ---> 3 years
27 pounds 6 ounces (50th %ile) ---> 33 pounds 6 ounces (75th %ile)
35 inches tall (75th %ile) ---> 40 inches (95th %ile)

Conclusion: Both kids are growing like weeds.