Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Who's the adult here?

Last night I was trying to herd the kids upward to bed when Caitlin asked me about having some candy. I told her she could have a piece tomorrow because she'd already brushed her teeth. Then we got everyone in to bed and tucked in and I snuck downstairs for a few mini peanut butter cups. I parked in my bedroom to indulge in my reward while going through the Sunday paper's ads. After ripping off the shiny metallic wrapper and popping one in my mouth, my bedroom door was opened. Caitlin was coming in to let me know she was just up to go potty again and began walking toward me to give me a big hug. I set the paper down on top of the evidence and turned toward the hug she was offering. We had a short little chat. After a hug, she was off for the potty. As she got to the door she turned around and said, " Mommy?" "yes?" "I know you are having candy right now." And she turned away and went about her business and then back to bed.