Friday, September 7, 2007

19 month update

Caitlin is growing up TOO fast. To help me remember, I'm keeping a log of what she's up to on the blog....
-counting to 10 (skips 8 consistently)

-loving to play with markers

-yelling "nakey, nakey mommy" everytime I change her clothes

-saying "i love you," "i love mommy," "i love daddy," "i love dissy" (dissy is her blankey)

-recognizing relatives and friends in pictures

-hugging her friends and asking for them by name--Specifically Eve, Ocean (whom she calls "lotion"), and Eliza (whom she calls "Lila")

-memorized much of the content of her books, so that I can say every other word in some books (like Opposites)--in this book, there is a series of opposite pairs in rhyming order, like "short/long, right/wrong"--we are always laughing when she gets to the page that is "hot/cold, young/old" because "old" has a picture of a dinosaur illustrating it and caitlin says "hot/cold, young/dinosaur"--haha.

-cracking us up nearly constantly--right now she has a sniffle and a cold and when I ask her if she has a cold she says "brrr-rrr--rrr-rrr" and shivers!

-according to her daycare teachers, she bosses around the other kids, telling them to sit down (at circle time) or lay down (at nap time)

Picture overload

Another messy dinner....
Loving her new train set--she can put the tracks together all by herself ("all self")

I got a STEAL on this fabulous backpack and it's EXCELLENT work taking a 1/2 walk with my 25 pounder in the back and she LOVES it!
walking with daddy's shoes
Modeling her dress and swinging the broom around--she loves to sweep :)
Marker madness!
Loving her potty! She is doing great with learning the potty.