Thursday, August 23, 2007

Perch Lake trip (overdue) no particular order...


family volleyball match...

Caitlin, Conor, Tiarnan
Caitlin and Tiarnan playing together--they were so funny, they would chase eachother around, then run into a bedroom and shut the door and just laugh so loud...
Caitlin on a Kayak...
Cath and Beth in the volleyball game...
Conor being cute...all the kids loved the piano and keyboard
Caitlin and Jess in the kayak

Caitlin loved the kickboard!

My favorite pictures!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

18 months old

We went in for Caitlin's 18 month check up today. She is doing great--and was very talkative and busy during the visit, so the providers got to see all she is up to first hand.
She is a hair shy of 25 pounds and 33 inches tall--which is great as I want to keep her rear-facing in the car as long as possible and she can stay rear-facing (for safety) until she is 33 pounds in her current carseat. The nurse practitioner we went to was SO wonderful and respectful of our parenting choices. I'm going to request her from now on--she is consistently wonderful.
Anyway, Caitlin got a shot (tetanus) and didn't even flinch or make a peep, but we had talked beforehand about how she was going to get a boo-boo and that it was OK but it would probably hurt. She was so good, the nurse had a really easy time, so that makes everyone happy.
Since we've been home, she's been showing off her boo-boo (but showing off her right knee instead of her left thigh--ha ha--obviously isn't hurting too badly) and loving her little band-aid.

Thanks for checking in!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

All by myself....

Our baby is 18 months old....

MOM: would you like help or do you want to do it by yourself ??
CAITLIN: self, self
(we do this multiple times a day)

*Here she is up at the table playing like a big girl. she gets up on the chairs all by herself.

*Reading all by herself

Our early July vacation to Frankfort area

Caitlin LOVES slides--she goes up and down all by herself now and squeals the whole time. Here she is at the park at Crystal Lake in Beulah, MI

At Crystal Mtn's water park with Auntie Joanie

At Lake Michigan with John and me
Scott, Joan and I went for a beautiful bike ride from Frankfort to Beulah
REWIND: Caitlin and John at Crystal Lake's water park--Caitlin would scream "weeee" while sliding down and then say "More, more"