Thursday, February 19, 2009

28 weeks (almost)

Here's a picture of the babes from the outside.  They are still very busy.  I'm on bedrest for pre-term labor for the duration though things have really settled down and my doctor told me today that church and a quick trip to the store once or twice a week is OK as long as I'm not having contractions.   so maybe I'll stay sane afterall.  The placental abruption thing I mentioned a few posts back is a non-issue at this point, so we feel very blessed.

Visit from Auntie Joanie and Cousin Soren

i think the picture above is so sweet of the two of them smiling at each other.

isn't he cute?  i didn't get pictures of anyone else! Thanks Auntie Joanie for coming and helping us out this weekend and bringing us lots of goodies for the new babies and for mommy!  Also, Caitlin's the baby formerly-known-as "lex" is now renamed "soren" yet remains a girl.   :)