Saturday, April 30, 2011

This will be the last time I post about one of my children being in the hospital

What to say? Nora is now better, but was VERY sick--needing a bunch of oxygen, antibiotics, lots of rest.

The word "superinfection" was in her discharge summary, so yeah, pretty sick. Can we please be done with all of the pneumonia? Once she started to feel better, her chatterbox opened up again and she kept John and me well entertained throughout the visit. She also kept our sweet roommates entertained as well. I knew she was missing her brother when she started smacking her own leg and shouting "DOH DO DAT, YA YA." (don't do that, Ryan).

Caitlin and Ryan loved the BigBirds all throughout UMHS which shows you the detour route, so going to and from Nora's room was the highlight of each visit. Caitlin made me take a picture of her by the biggest BigBird each time we left the hospital each day. She also measured herself on the yard stick the second biggest BigBird was holding and everyday asked "am I 4 feet tall, yet?" She fully expected to grow that last 1-2 inches overnight every night and was disappointed each time, whining things like, "but I slept for a really long time last night," or "but I ate tons of healthy food yesterday."

I would like to thank Dora the Explorer for making the accomodations bearable. Thankfully UMHS is getting a new pediatric hospital in the fall--they need it. We got great, great, great care--the nurses, respiratory therapists and physicians were very competent and wonderful communicators. I'm sure the pharmacists were great too :)

The biggest thing is that Nora is well. We have some questions remaining like why did Nora have 3 pneumonias this season? 2 of which landed her in the hospital for 7+ days each time. something wrong? bad luck? We're not sure how much to pursue it. Hopefully we'll get some clarity on that.
In the meantime, we are thrilled to be all home together and all healthy. Thanks to God.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


This morning Caitlin and I were getting ready in the bathroom together.

C: Mom, why are you playing with your hair like that?
Me: I have a few gray hairs that I don't want to see, so I'm moving my hair around to make sure they're covered.
C: Boys are supposed to get gray hairs. They look handsome.
Me: Oh, really...Who told you that?
C: Grandpa Wayne.
Me: Ahh.
C: Don't worry, mom. Girls can polish their hair.

Friday, April 1, 2011

no luck but lots of love.

I didn't get the picture of the 3 smiling together like I'd hoped. I love how this series shows off each of their personalities.
Caitlin eats up her role as the big sister--she is great at corralling them, snuggling and loving on them, play wrestling, whatever. Ryan loves any type of attention or cuddling. Nora can take 'nuggles for about 10 seconds at-a-time. Then she is done. What I'm really noticing these days is that the kids REALLY love each other. It is so fun to watch their relationships bloom.


Nora is following in Caitlin's footsteps in both her loves of sand play and sand eating as well. I know it's gross.